Sno Chief's

February 12 to 18 2017

See Mark Stevens

We are in the planning stages of a Shawnee Snochief’s Ride around Algonquin Park in southern Ontario on the second week of February. This will be a 6 day saddlebag/backpack type of ride of approximately 600 miles of trail riding through a wide variety of types of trails and scenery. All are welcome guys/gals, all we ask is that you check over your machine prior to the trip.

Days 1 & 6 will be for traveling to/from our starting motel with 4 days spent riding around the park. Lodging will be decided upon once we get a head count, then we will either post or email you the various establishments so that you can reserve your room. This is a great year for such a trip as the US/Canadian $$ exchange rate is VERY favorable despite our higher fuel/beer costs. Ontario Trial permits can be bought on a daily basis ($25/day) on-line and print yourself, check out the OFSC link below.

For further info and map check out:


To be included on the trip please send an email to Mark Stevens ( so that I can keep everyone updated and establish a head count.