Sno Chief's


POSTPONTED TILL FURTHER NOTICE due to large event gathering.

Saturday March 28th 2020

 At the Shawnee Fire Hall

3747 Lockport Road 6:30 pm till ?

Doors Open at 5:30 pm


Come out and enjoy our HAM / Meat Raffle

We will be giving away over 360 lbs of Beef, Pork, Seafood,

Ham and Chicken

Over $4000.00 of prizes given away!

bring snacks for your table.

No liquor allowed to be brought in.

At least 16 Hams raffled from the paddle wheel. See  the list of side raffles below.

$35 for 80 chances to win.

Check out our Spring Grill Raffle

Grill Raffle Date will depend on receiving all paid ticket stubs.

2020 grill raffle

click below

Meat Raffle Flyer 2020

Shawnee Snochiefs Ham/Meat Rafffle
Meat/Seafood supplied by Wagner’s Farm Market

8 Side Raffles $35 for 80 tickets, Buy 7 get 1 Free Raffle

Available up to the first side raffle

Then Tickets will be $1 ea or 10 for $5

10 Chances for each of the following raffles:


Surf and Turf (Fuschia tkt)
2 Winners
3lbs of Ribeyes, 2 8oz Lobster Tails,
2 Twice Baked Potatoes
$65 value each


Pig Pack (Yellow tkt)
6 Winners
12lb whole loin cut
into loins, chops, tenderloins
$50 value each


Beef tenderloin choice, 6-7lb (Green tkt)
2 Winners
$130 value each


Seafood Pack (Pink tkt)
2 Chances to win
includes 1lb Lobster,
1 lb Shrimp, 1 lb Crab Legs, 1lb Scallops
$100 value each


Beef tenderloin (White tkt)
2 winners
6 to 7 lb whole Beef tenderloin
$130 value each


Fire up the Grill Packs (Blue tkt)
3 Winners
2 packages Burger Patties, 2 packs of Hot Dogs,
2 packs of Sausage and 2 Chicken Breast
$60 value each


Seafood Pack (Red tkt)
2 Winners
includes 1lb Lobster,
1 lb Shrimp, 1 lb Crab Legs, 1lb Scallops
$100 value each



Finale Raffle (Orange tkt)
10 Chances to win
10 Items valued at $30 each


Meat Raffle