Sno Chief's

Trail Conditions





Trails closed Sunday 2/3/2019

1/30/2019  TRAILS ARE OPEN

No reports from groomers at this time.  Please see our facebook page for updates from riders or Groomer operators


1/26/2019 Trails remain closed due to unsafe conditions with open water. Please check links to other clubs.  not all are open yet.




Stay tuned, hoping to withstand the rain,

Groomers were out trying to pack what we have to

survive the rain


TRAILS ARE OPEN AS OF 8:30am. PLease be careful because this is the first time trails are used. There is no base. Groomer is out so be cautious. ENJOY!

Couple Notes:  Pleasse do not use G Macs as a drop off of your snowmobiles. AND please use the drop off area at the firehall.  If you continue to drop and load in the lot we will loose this as a drop off.




Trails will remain closed due unfrozen ground which cause damage to our landowners fields.

We need to respect their request so please stay off the trails


02/07/2018      Trails open at 4:00 pm

The Groomer will be out this afternoon and all night.  Please use caution when riding.  The snow is very powdery and you may be down to grass and water real quick.

Remember that our dice run is Saturday. reg at 9 at the FireHall.


02/01/2018  Trails Closed, Groomers did not make any progress on the trails, the snow seemed to fly away and leave bare grass and mud


01/30/2018 Trails Cloased

Getting reports from groomer operators that snow is thin and there are wet spots. They will be out into the night packing trails. PLEASE HELP US BY STAYING OFF THE TRAIL UNTIL THEY ARE READY TO GO. There is cold and more snow coming.




Groomer is going out to check trails and try to pack base. TRAILS ARE CLOSED. Will update everyone after I get report from groomer operator.



TRAILS are CLOSED.  Hopefully with cold weather coming and no rain we may be able to open up soon.  The Groomer guys have been out preparing for this warmup. 




Happy New Year to all!


Trail report:

Trails are open under limited conditions use caution. Snow is light in the fields. Please respect are land owners. Stay on trail.


C4D out by Transit:  please stay off the wheat.  Signs direct you to ride around, pleas obey sign so we do not loose a trial because of crop damage.


TRAIL C4B remains closed from Brauers to ship and shore due to a logging operation.

Thanks and ride safe!


12/28/17 6:00 P.M.


Trails thin,  still some open water.


Waiting for groomer operator reports

The groomers are out opening the water.  All trails have water under the snow. Hopefully after the open water freezes we will open the trails.  Trails not open yet. Respect our landowners