Sno Chief's

Trail Conditions





February 22 2021

TRAILS CLOSED due to weather.

February 16th

TRAILS OPEN!  Enjoy   Lots of snow all over the trail system.  Groomers will be out later.


February 11th

Trails closed west of Shawnee road and North of Route 31.  Closed to Taylors and Roadhouse  due to lack of snow.  Pendleton to NESS trails are still open for now.

February 7th TRAILS OPEN,  All of them.  We still have some thin spots and chisel plowed fields.  Be Cautious and ENJOY.  Groomer may be out so yield to our groomers..

February 6th TRAILS OPEN South of Lockport Road and North of the Escarpment ONLY! Trails between Lockport  rd and the Escarpment are very thin and crops need to be protected.  Please take caution and enjoy what you can.


February 4th   TRAILS CLOSED

Due to warm weather coming and lack of snow we have to close the trails

February 3rd. 8:00am   TRAILS OPEN!

Snow depth varies from Pendleton to Cambria and Lewiston.  It may be thin in certain areas,  Chisel plowed fields are rough be careful.  Respect the winter wheat fields do NOT go off trail.  Some open fields are wind blown.   Please watch out for the groomers.  Please monitor facebook and website for trail closing due to snow conditions.



January 29th:                   TRAILS CLOSED and will remain closed because the wind has blow the little snow we had off the open fields.  Sorry but his is what we have to do.

You will need to trailer to the Sno Drags.



We have new trail from Meahl to Diller  Please see below. 

Reminder to go slow and keep the noise down so we can keep this reroute or click here for larger view click

Ship reroute