Sno Chief's

Trail Conditions

Feb 14th  Trails Closed.

We lost most of our base and there are so many bare spot that we can’t open the trails.  The dusting we got below the hill is only good for the first couple sleds that run it.  Sorry but they remain closed.




The groomers will try and pack the snow on Wednesday to try and keep what we can to reopen when the temperatures go back down.  Thanks to the great job our operators have been doing.



Feb 4th  Trails Open.

Please use caution as there are a couple water holes.  behind hebeler , north of mapleton and below the hill.  Our Groomer operators have been working very hard at compacting the snow for your riding pleasure.  Thank You Groomer operators.

Feb 3rd Trails closed
 The most recent report is that there is too much water under the new snow and trails will not be ready for another day.  the snow insulated the water and it is a mess.   Please stay tuned because we will open but not till the trails are ready. we need the base to freeze.
Feb 3rd Trails closed
Currently we are asking everyone to please stay off the trails for now.
Our groomer operators have been out in some areas and are going to be getting out in others. There is a lot of water under the snow, we need to make sure it freezes before opening the trails!
Please be patient!
It is likely the trails will not open today, but we will keep you posted.
Over the last couple weeks we have had excellent trail conditions, our grooming crew is awesome!!!!
Lets trust them to make this decision, afterall…. They want to ride smooth trails too!!!



Trails will close tonight at 10 pm.  Please stay off the trails to keep what we have so we can reopen Thursday when the temp drops and more snow.




Trails open.  Reminder to all to stay on the marked trails.  We have heard of people riding off trail by Haligans and this has to stop.  We need our landowners to continue giving us permission. 


Trails are open.  Many thanks to the groomer operators for fixing the corners and bare spots.  The cold temps have helped keep our snow.  PLEASE take it easy in the corners.  If we loose the snow at intersections and corners because the spinning of tracks, we will close the trails to prevent crop damage to our landowners.



CLOSED until further notice.  The weather will get cold and hopefully tomorrow we will reopen.



Trails still open, any problems on the trails post to facebook.  Or even say nice things about the trails!

All trails groomed yesterday, lots of snow but no base yet, some trails smooth some not so much, only a couple water holes in the same old spots, trying to get groomers out again today, enjoy it while its ,here be safe


TRAIL REPORT Jan 17th at 8:30 am 

TRAILS WILL OPEN at 12 noon.  Our groomers are out trying to make for a nice ride.  We will be reporting any trees done.  LOTS of snow please stay off till till noon.  Give our groomers a break.   ENJOY



TRAIL REPORT Update Jan 3rd  Trails closed,  trail map is now an app, see above link

Reminder to all that Ship n Shore has closed. The craft coffee house (old Brauers) is open but not as a Bar.  They serve coffee, sandwiches and some beer.  Old Marlboro/Gmacs does not seem to be snowmobile stop this year.  Old Boones is now Haligans and open and waiting for snowmobilers to come in.  A new trail is marked going to Pendleton Creek golf course (old Tan Tara).  Check their website for hours.

we have a rough trail at the entrance to lovers lane so be very careful.



We have new trail from Meahl to Diller  Please see below. 

Reminder to go slow and keep the noise down so we can keep this reroute or click here for larger view click

Ship reroute