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newsletter cover- Oct 2020

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newsletter-Oct 2020


 2020-21 Season Starter Edition-Newsletter


Dates to Remember
Nov 2 – Club Meeting
Dec 5 – Snowmobile Safety Course
Dec 7 – Club Meeting
Jan 4 – Club Meeting
Jan 30 – Sno Drags**
Feb 1 – Club Meeting
Mar 1 – Club Meeting
Mar 21** – Club Meat Raffle
Apr 5 – Club Meeting
*-All Club Meetings are at 7:30
p.m. at Shawnee Fire Hall
**- Tentative
Newsletter Date: Fall 2020

Your club officers and Directors are:
President: VACANT
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Jason Capolupo, 716-
Treasurer: Mark Stevens, 905-931-3070
Trail Treasurer/Director: Lonnie Daigler, 731-5128
Director: Chris Matthews, 439-9410
Director: Sean Wilczak, 949-0091
Vintage Club Coorrdinator:  Nick Freatman
Mx/Barn Mgr: Herb Stephenson, 523-1242
Groomer Scheduler: Paul Prior, 310-8920
Trail Coordinators: Pete Fleckenstein 628-4841 and
Paul Prior, 310-8920

2020 has been a bizarre year for all of us, but what better way to Social Distance than on a snowmobile? Please re-join us now!
NYSSA is offering $1000 to one lucky club member in New York State-the only qualification to be entered into this random drawing? You must join/re-join by December 1st. Also, you get an entry for each club you join!
Joining the club locally or online, gets much needed funds to the club – the earlier you renew your membership, the earlier we get money. So, please renew now! You can join/renew at club meetings or go to Hebeler Sales and Service and join there (these two methods save us credit card fees and saves you a $1 service fee). You can also join by going to (joining via the online system includes a $1 Service Fee) If you need help with the system, call Gary at 807-7002.
While renewing, please consider making a donation to the NYSSA Trail Defender Fund. This fund is established to help clubs fight for access to trails throughout New York State and is solely used for that purpose. Keeping trails open for us and our children is worth a few bucks. You can make a donation in person at any club meeting or you can select the Trail Defender ‘donation’ on NYSSA’s online membership site while renewing your membership or you can donate here: Additionally, if you ride trails built and maintained by other clubs, please consider joining them-it is considered a secondary membership (and is generally only $24 as opposed to the $30 primary membership-as NYSSA accepts no fees from secondary memberships).
We have a need for candidates-the offices of President, Vice-president, Board of Directors and some of the appointed duties are currently vacant. If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact one of the Board of Directors.

Progress on the new Groomer Unit (a Tucker Terra 2000) Grant progresses. We have signed contracts with NYS OPRHP (Parks) who administers the Grant. The

unit is ordered. We are looking for an institution or Private Lender to contract with us to supply a ‘Bridge Loan’ as the Grant is ‘Reimbursement Funding’, although the funds are awarded and guaranteed. If you know of any possibilities in this area, please contact Gary Broderick (716-807-7002) or Mark Stevens (905-931-3070).
Shawnee Vintage Club News: The Vintage Club has not been having meetings due to COVID-19. If you are interested in joining the Vintage Club, please call Nick at 716-946-7938.

Our trail, C-4B will likely have to be moved as construction will start, sooner or later, on the field across from Brauer’s in Pendleton. We have laid out a plan to move the trail onto the Power line to meet the Bike Path (C-4D/S-41), but now we need to do the legwork. We need help, especially from people living and knowing people in Pendleton.

Snowmobile Safety Course – Scheduled for December 5th. We need more instructors-if you can help out, please call Rodger (731-2174) or Gary (807-7002) for more information. Course requirements: Age 10 or older on the day of the course. Class will run from 8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. Attendees should bring a lunch/Drinks/ Snacks, the club cannot provide soft drinks and snacks due to COVID-19 Protection Guidelines. A parent or Guardian must sign a minor’s course paperwork. We encourage parents to attend with their children! RSVP to Rodger at 731-2174.

February __ is our Club Sno-Drags at the Fire Hall, we will supply burgers and dogs, chips, coffee and hot cocoa, bonfire, starting lights (thanks to Lonnie!). Racing will be on the grass Drag track-no entry fee, no prizes- the only thing you can win is bragging rights! Help is needed to make this happen – please give Lonnie a call if you can help (731-5128).

On March 21st, we will have the club meat raffle at the Shawnee Fire Hall – Please get the word out to your friends and neighbors! This is a fun event for attendees and volunteers-and a wonderful fundraiser for the club. If you can help, please call Lonnie at 731-5128.
Due to COVID-19 Protection Measures, the club has decided to cancel our annual Christmas Party, normally during our December Meeting.
Want to help out on the trails? We will be building the trail system in the next few months. This is a great way to get to know the trails and meet some of your fellow club members. We have heard from several people about possible new trails-several things go into making that happen. To learn more, please call Pete (628-4941) or Paul (310-8920).


Do you like smooth trails? Know how they get that way? Come and be part of our great reputation for smooth trails! We really need volunteers to help with Groomer Maintenance, Groomer Operation and Barn Upkeep – as we’ve lost some of our operators and maintainers. Mechanical abilities are a plus, but we will help teach anyone interested. If you have some time and/or experience, would like to help out or if you are willing to learn, please call Herb at 523-1242 or Paul at 310-8920.
Check out the NYSSA Website: and take advantage of the many discounts available to you! From Hotels and car rental agencies to insurance to travel and so much more. You are eligible for all these savings as a member of the Sno-Chiefs you are also a member of the NYSSA. One of the discount programs is computer based training to complete a 6 hour safe driving course for $22 – and gets you a 10% discount on auto insurance for 3 years!

Shawnee Sno-Chiefs logo clothing is available to order at each meeting- Sno-Chiefs Logo wear must be pre-ordered and pre-paid-Call Brent at 523-2320.
If you have children going to college, there are several scholarships available for children of members: Club Scholarship, NYSSA, Northeast Chapter of the International Snowmobile Council, The International Snowmobile Media Council, just to name a few. For more information check out,,, For more info contact Gary Broderick at 807-7002