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Scholarship Rules and Information
One Application for all of these!
The Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Scholarship ($1000)
Norris Brusoe NYSSA Scholarship ($1000)
Joan & Digger Vriessen NYSSA Scholarship ($1000) Northeast Chapter, International Snowmobile Council Scholarships ($500 – three will be given)
Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Scholarships: Applications are currently being accepted for a $1000 Scholarships. Only members of the Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Snowmobile Clubs as of January 1st will be eligible for the Scholarship.
NYSSA and NEC: Applications should also be sent to NYSSA for consideration for one of two $1000 scholarships. NYSSA forwards the winners to the Northeast Chapter of the International Snowmobile Council (NEC) Scholarship Committee, where they will compete against applications from other Northeast States for three (3) $500 scholarships. See the NYSSA Website for more info:
Criterion: The Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Scholarship Committee will review all applications and make its award based upon academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service and the quality of the original essay submitted with each application. Financial need is a secondary criteria used in the selection of the winner. Completion of the financial need portion of the application is optional. Students who have provided a complete financial background will be given priority over those whose applications are incomplete when all other considerations are the same. Please make sure you include attachments 1 through 6 on the application.
The essay should be about what snowmobiling means to you, or about snowmobiling in your state (economy, trails, environment) in five hundred (500) words or less.
• Applicants must be graduating high school seniors who have been accepted at a College, Junior College, or Vocational School. The student’s Parent(s) or Guardian(s), or the Student if over 18, must be a member in good standing of the Shawnee Sno-Chiefs as of January 1st of the application year. To obtain a Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Club membership, go to:
• Application, letter of acceptance at your college you will be attending, transcript of grades at high school or grade record of the college you are already attending, essay and recommendations must be received by the Shawnee Sno-Chiefs by February 1st as one package. All applications must be complete to be considered.
• Applications must be received by the Shawnee Sno-Chiefs on or before February 1st. Late applications will not be considered!
• The top application will be notified by the President of the Shawnee Sno-Chiefs.
• The Shawnee Sno-Chiefs reserve the right to publish essays in full or partial along with applicant’s photo for the promotion of snowmobiling in any of our publications or websites. By signing and submitting the scholarship application the scholarship applicant agrees to these terms.
• All applicants should submit their scholarship applications to NYSSA in accordance with their guidance, found here:
All application materials are considered Confidential, and will be limited to examination for their intended purpose only and become property of the Shawnee Sno-Chiefs.
Mail your application package to:
The Shawnee Sno-Chiefs – Scholarship Committee
3747 Lockport Road
Sanborn, N.Y. 14132
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The Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Snowmobile Club
SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION MAIL TO: The Shawnee Sno-Chiefs Scholarship Committee, 3747 Lockport Road, Sanborn, N.Y. 14132
DEADLINE: All materials must be received on or before February 1st.
(Please Type or print clearly)
Name of Applicant: _____________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________State________________ Zip Code____________
Phone ____________________________ Email_____________________________________
Name of school attended: _______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Date of Graduation: ___________________________ High School GPA: _____________
Name of College, University or Vocational School: __________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Date of starting study above: ____________________________________________________
Major area of study: ___________________________________________________________
Cost per year: ________________________________________________________________
Are you employed: _______ Year round: ______ summer only: ______
Employers Name: _____________________________________________________________
If not, why? __________________________________________________________________
Student Resources: _______________________ Estimated Expenses: _____________________
Salary: _________________________________ Tuition and fees: ________________________
From Family: ____________________________ Books and supplies: ______________________
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Loans, Grants –Amounts: ___________________ Room and Board: ________________________
Savings: _________________________________ Transportation: __________________________
Other Scholarships-Amount: __________________ Other Expense: ___________________________
Total Resources: _____________________ Total est. expense: ________________________
Other pertinent information: ______________________________________________________________
Parents Names: ________________________________________________________________________
Parents Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Parents Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________
Parents Occupations: Mother: __________________________________________________________
Father: ___________________________________________________________
Family Income ________________________________________________________________________
Brothers and Sisters __________________________________________________________
Are they attending college: _______________________________________________________________
Please give details: _____________________________________________________________________
State or Provincial Snowmobile Association: ___New York State Snowmobile Association_____
Please Attach:
1. An official High School or College transcript, which ever applies.
2. Current recommendations in writing by at least two (2) teachers dated and signed.
3. Current recommendations in writing by one or two friends, employers or clergy, dated & signed.
4. Proof of acceptance at the listed college, University or vocational school.
5. Write an essay about snowmobiling in your state. (Economy, Trails, Environment, What snowmobiling means to you), 500 words or less.
6. Include an overview of your extracurricular activity and any snowmobile associated volunteerism within the last year.
Deadline for completed applications is February 1st. Late applications will not be considered.
The above statements are certified to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signed________________________________ Date_______________________
Mail Completed Applications to: Shawnee Sno-Chiefs – Scholarship Committee. 3747 Lockport Road, Sanborn, N.Y. 14132


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