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March 2024 Newsletter



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newsletter-March 2024

Club Events!

Meat Raffle
-March 16ᵗʰ
6pm @ Shawnee Firehall

NYSSA Super Raffle

-Tickets and $$$ must be handed in at April meeting!

Volunteer Party @ Pendelton Creek Golf Club
-Saturday April 6th @ 6pm rsvp to Jim Biehls

Landowner’s Dinner
-all are welcome, $10/head (trail captains free)
-April 27th @ 5:30
At Lewiston 2 Firehall

Shawnee Snochiefs Snowmobile Club
February/March Newsletter
Greetings everyone! This is my first attempt at creating a newsletter for our club, so please be
kind but by all means let me know if there are things you’d like to see or events you’d like to
include in future issues.
I thought going forward I would feature a brief write up on our various sponsors, highlighting who
they are, what they do and anything else they might want to add in. Basically, some additional free
advertising in hopes that they will continue to support the club! I also wonder if we could have a
buy/sell part for sleds/parts etc., depending on the interest level.
If anyone has a son/daughter who is heading into a journalism or writing
type of career, I’d happily hand this project over, just let me know!

Too few days seeing this machine out this year ☹
Anyone with school aged kids that need volunteer hours = we can help!! We’ll happily document
volunteer hours for their help taking down trails, cleaning and painting stakes, sorting trail
signs etc. just keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for dates.


Congratulations to this year’s Shawnee Snochiefs
1ˢᵗ $1,000 = Emily Mellville 2ⁿᵈ $500 = Alex Szumla
We wish you much success in your post high school education!
Snochiefs, remember these scholarships are available to any member’s children who are pursuing a
post high school education and in addition to the club’s scholarships there are others available
Norris Brusoe NYSSA Scholarship ($1000) Joan & Digger Vriessen NYSSA Scholarship ($1000)
Northeast Chapter, International Snowmobile Council Scholarships ($500 – three will be given)

It’s not all bad, Mark Boehnke met up with Taylor while off on one of his adventures, I’m not sure
how Travis is going to take this because Mark’s not a Chiefs fan ….


Contact Us

ur club officers and Directors e:

▪ President: Rodney Michalak 628-0731
▪ Vice President: Lonnie Daigler, 818-5797
▪ Secretary: Heather Szumla
▪ Treasurer: Mark Stevens, 905-931-3070
▪ Trail Treasurer: Lonnie Daigler, 818-5797
▪ Director: Jim Knox
▪ Director: Bob Hood
▪ Director: Jim Biehls
▪ Director: Pete Fleckenstein,
▪ Director: Mike Durshordwey
▪ Director: Dan Szumla
▪ Director: Matt Beaudoin
▪ Groomer Managers Doug Woolson/ Bill Westlake
▪ Groomer Scheduler: Paul Prior, 310-8290
▪ Trail Coordinator: Brent Walck 523-2320/Pete Fleckenstein
▪ Merchandising: Brent Walck 523-2320

Hebeler Sales & Service

Hebeler Sales & Service was founded in 1968 by Bill and Carole Hebeler.

Bill started selling and repairing Snow Jet snowmobiles in his garage and realized this was
something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. In 1973, Bill and Carole moved the business
into their first store, located at the five corners in the town of Pendleton. They sold Snow Jet
snowmobiles and shortly thereafter added the Ski Doo line. By the mid-seventies the business had
grown after adding OSSA, HODAKA and Can Am dirt bikes. As customers wanted more choices, the
Kawasaki line was added in 1976. By this time their son, Joe Hebeler, was on board and working in
every aspect of the business. Suzuki and Sea Doo were added in the 80’s.

By 1992, the business had outgrown its original building and a new building was built right next to
the original store, more than tripling the space. The store has grown from a specialty shop to one
of the largest multi-line dealers in the area.

Hebeler Sales & Service takes pride in providing outstanding customer service. We know how
important it is to meet your expectations and deal with someone you can trust. From our Parts
Department to our Service Department we strive to ensure the shop has everything you need to keep

We are located in Lockport (Pendleton), New York, just minutes from Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New

The Snochiefs would also like to thank the following trail/club sponsors and will do a highlight on
them in following issues:

Salerno Plowing & Service A-1 Landcare Parkhill Tree Service Russell’s
Pendelton Creek Golf Course Cambria Asphalt/Shelby Stone King Petroleum Greater
Niagara Mechanical
Coppins Auto Service Redline Automotive JP2 Propane


While this season was extra short we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank all of the volunteers that set
up the trails, painted the stakes, signed the trails and especially our groomers and groomer
maintenance volunteers. During this year’s brief season we had many people give great reviews on
our trails especially taking into account our lack of frost and snow. Great job guys!

Unless something freaky happens, I think most of us are safe to tuck the sleds away until next
season and if
that’s the case for you don’t forget to:
⮚ For 2-strokes – fog the engine with fogging oil
⮚ Fill the fuel tank or drain it depending on your preference (I believe this goes back to when
sleds had metal fuel tanks and by filling them you prevented condensation from forming on the take
and rusting the inside away, most if not all sleds have plastic tanks now)
⮚ Add fuel stabilizer if you aren’t draining the fuel out
⮚ Remove the belt (store it on a flat surface if you’re reusing it next year)
⮚ Grease the suspension
⮚ This is a great time to check over the skid-frame and get an idea what maintenance will be needed
before next season
⮚ Thoroughly wash the sled, wax and Armor-All (If that’s your thing)
⮚ If it is stored in an area where mice etc. might get curious, stick some steel wool into the
exhaust outlet
⮚ Charge and disconnect the battery (if equipped)
⮚ If possible, lift the weight off of the rear suspension and support the sled
⮚ Don’t forget to thoroughly wash the salt and sand from the belly of the trailer and its
framework, if it doesn’t have LED lighting it’s not a bad idea to take each bulb out and apply a
thin film of grease to them and reinstall. Grease the wheel bearings if applicable
⮚ DO NOT leave the sled keys in or around the sled unless it’s stored in a secure area (lots of
sleds get stolen year-round) I put my key in the boots I wear riding along with the trailer tongue
key so I always know where they are next fall, but you do you
⮚ Wash and sort your riding gear so next year starts fresh and without the funky locker room