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Winter 2021 Snowchiefs newsletter


The new groomer is out and about on the trail system – our operators are all training on the
unit while trying to pack down the trails so they set up and freeze better. If you see the guys
out in the Tucker or the BR-180, please give them a wave. When you’re grooming, you are
giving up sled riding time to make the ride for others better-and remember to ALWAYS YIELD
TO A GROOMER – it is State Law.
There is still time to join, gets much needed funds to the club-please renew now! You can
join/renew at club meetings or go to Hebeler Sales and Service and join there (these two
methods save us credit card fees and saves you a $1 service fee). You can also join by going
Newsletter Date: Winter 2021
Your club officers and directors are:
Vice President: Rodney Michalak 628-0731
Treasurer: Mark Stevens, 905-931-3070
Director: Chris Matthews, 439-9410
Director: Gary Broderick, 807-7002
Groomer Scheduler: Paul Prior, 310-8290
Vintage Club: Nick Freatman 946-7938
President: VACANT
Secretary: Jason Capolupo 264-7222
Trail Treasurer/Director: Lonnie Daigler, 731-5128
Director: Dan Szumla, 310-6582
Mx/Barn Mgr: Herb Stephenson, 523-1242
Trail Coordinators: Brent, 523-2320 – Pete, 628-4841

We have Snow (okay, a little bit of snow) and our Brand New Groomer is Here!
The new unit is a 2021 Tucker Terra 2000 which was paid
for (80%) by a Federal RTP Grant. The club supplied the
other 20% by selling the older BR-160 Groomer.

Our thanks go out to Mark Stevens and Gary Broderick who spent the last 2 years
working on this project and Herb Stephenson for maximizing profits on the sale of BR-160.

to (joining via the online system
includes a $1 Service Fee). Additionally, if you ride trails built and maintained by other clubs,
please consider joining them-it is considered a secondary membership (and is generally only
$24 as opposed to the $30 primary membership-as NYSSA accepts no fees from secondary
memberships). If you need help with the system, call Gary at 807-7002.
While renewing, please consider making a donation to the NYSSA Trail Defender Fund. This
fund is established to help clubs fight for access to trails throughout the state and is solely
used for that purpose. Keeping trails open for us and our children is worth a few bucks. You
can make a donation in person at any club meeting or you can select the Trail Defender
‘donation’ on NYSSA’s online membership site while renewing your membership or you can
donate here:
We are working on a new possible trail in the Northeast portion of Niagara County. Since the
Somerset Power Plant was shuttered the rail line to the power plant has now been abandoned
by the rail owner. Gary Broderick is working on partnering with others in the community to
turn this 14 mile rail bed into a multi-use year round recreational trail with the club being the
winter partner. This will give riders in this portion of the county access to the trail system for
the first time ever. If you can help or want to volunteer, please reach out to Gary at 716-807-

Shawnee Vintage Club News: The Vintage Club has not been having meetings due to COVID-
19. Vintage Legislation has been reintroduced in the NYS Assembly. NYSSA is tracking and
advocating for this bill. If you are interested in seeing it pass, please write letters/e-mails to
your Assemblyman and Senator in support! If you are interested in joining the Vintage Club,
please call Nick at 716-946-7938.
Junior Sno-Chiefs News: Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th at the Groomer
Barn, 3856 Eagle Drive, Sanborn at 5:30 P.M. All youths under 18 are welcome to attend.
Adult Mentor(s) will be at all meetings. Masks and social distancing will be observed.
The Juniors have received a donated snowmobile from Austin Allgrim to learn how to rebuild
and restore. It’s a 1978 Arctic Cat Jag 3000 with a 340CC twin, Air Cooled sled. If you have
parts you are willing to donate, please reach out to Gary @ 807-7002. Additionally, we have
added a ‘Donate’ Button to the Junior Sno-Chiefs page on Facebook-all donations will be
dedicated to use in this rebuild.
On February 13th, the Juniors will be setting up a table at Hebeler Sales and Service to
publicize the group, sell calendar and Super Raffle Tickets – please come by and support the
Juniors and one of our sponsors!
The pandemic has hampered our fund raising activities-we need your help. Due to COVID-19
continuing concerns, the Meat Raffle is on hold. The club is conducting a Calendar Raffle for
the month of March (every day a drawing for $25, $50 or $75, dependent on the date). Tickets
are $5 apiece and must be sold by the end of the month. Rodney is willing to drive out
deliver/pick up tickets as needed-please call him at 628-0731.
Newsletter Date: Winter 2021
to help out on the trails? Trail Building–Call Brent 523-2320/Pete at 628-4841
Do you like smooth trails? Know how they get that way? Come and be part of our great
reputation for smooth trails! We really need volunteers to help with Groomer Maintenance,
Groomer Operation and Barn Upkeep – as we’ve lost some of our operators and maintainers.
Mechanical abilities are a plus, but we will help teach anyone interested. If you have some
time and/or experience, would like to help out or if you are willing to learn, please call Paul at
310-8290 or Herb at 523-1242.
Shawnee Sno-Chiefs logo clothing is available to order at each meeting- Sno-Chiefs Logo
wear must be pre-ordered and pre-paid-Call Brent at 523-2320.
If you have children going to college, there are several scholarships available for children
of members: Club, NYSSA, Northeast Chapter of the International Snowmobile Council,
The International Snowmobile Media Council, just to name a few. Submission
Deadline is February 15, 2021. For more information check out,,, For more
info contact Gary Broderick at 807-7002.
We plan to have a Club Bonfire and Hot Dog roast on the trail this winter, February 20, 11am-
3pm, behind the fire hall/groomer rides.
Newsletter Date: Winter 2021
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Dates to Remember
Newsletter Date: Winter 2021
*-All Club Meetings are at 7:30 p.m. at Shawnee Fire Hall
** – Tentative
Feb 17- 5:30 P.M. Junior Sno-Chiefs Meeting at
Groomer Barn
Mar 3 – Club Meeting Ship n shore
Mar 21** – Club Meat Raffle
Apr 5 – Club Meeting
Apr 16** – Landowner Dinner
Aug 2 – Club Meeting
Sep 13 – Club Meeting
Sep 22** – Grass Drag Build
Sep 23** – Grass Drag Build
Sep 24** – Grass Drag Build
Sep 25** – Grass Drags
Sep 26** – Grass Drags Teardown
Oct 4 – Club Meeting
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